Friday, January 31, 2014

Missing My Childhood

I miss being having fun and surprisingly going to school. I miss being spoiled. I miss everything. :P I mean the homework back then was so easy. O_O....:/ Now it's so hard. O_O Harder that I don't really want to do it....Childhood in Tulare, CA was fun because I got out early, homework took like 10 minutes and I had a lot of play time. I would play with anything. My best friend, Anthony, I would invite him over because we both walked home (school was around the corner so no waking up super early) and we played. We were Best Friends Forever...until I moved to Austin, TX. I see him, sometimes. But, I think he's forgotten me.:/..His little brother and sister are just angels and they love me. :D.....I miss my childhood.

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